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  • Weekend trips to watch friends get hitched

    Weekend trips to watch friends get hitched

    Just this past weekend I had the great pleasure of being invited to witness some amazing folks get married. The wedding was located at a camp ground in Maryland near Shepardstown WV. I had a whole day in DC before getting picked up by my travel buddies and I spent it museum hopping.

    I didn't get a chance to check out the entirety of the National Museum of the American Indian but by far these were my favorite artifacts. Of course I forgot to write down anything about them, but just look at those faces!

    I spent the largest chunk of my day in the United States Botanic Garden. The weather was amazing and it felt wonderful to be able to walk around the outdoor exhibits as well as the different fauna climates. It was hard to leave.

    I spent the next few hours racing around the Hirshhorn Museum, the Natural History Museum ( the crystal rooms...unbelievable) and the National Gallery of Art. We walked around Duluth Square, ate Ethiopian food and watched a brass band.

    We finally made it to Shepardstown WV around 2am, where we settled into a funky little airbnb cottage. Needless to say, no-one slept in the room next to mine, the dolls in the above picture were just a few of the creep delights. The town was appropriately quaint and we witnessed a late May Day parade.

    The wedding itself took place about twenty minutes away at Maple Tree campground. They roasted an entire pig ( I ate the tempeh and it was wonderful) , the ceremony was beautiful and we all sang Pete Seeger.

    The power went off and we kept dancing, there was karaoke to Bonnie Raitt and I might have eaten three cupcakes.

    Maine grown corn helped us snack the night away

    The next morning our a few of our crew woke up in a pretty rough state but I of course woke up feeling great and took off for a solo hike along the Potomac river, I got to peruse for 5 miles along the slightly swampy river beds and spring wild flowers before heading to meet up with everyone else and catch our flights home.