Road Food
  • Double chocolate maca balls

    Double chocolate maca balls

    There is just something about chocolate that can get ya going. When I am bonking, chocolate is the thing I reach for to pick me up fast.

    These balls are a high energy sweet treat packed with performance super foods like maca and hemp seeds . Easy to pack along on adventures and easy to whip up.


    1 cup raw almonds

    1/2 cup raw hemp seeds

    3 cups raw and pitted dates

    1/2 cup shredded coconut

    1/4 cup unrefined coconut oil

    1/4 cup of powdered maca

    1/2 cup cocoa powder

    1/2 cup brown rice syrup

    1/2 cup cacao nibs ( optional)

    Combine all ingredients in a food processor and process until the mixture comes together, you can add more brown rice syrup if it is too dry.

    Form the mixture into balls or roll out and cut into square. If you want and its recommended roll them in cacao nibs for more chocolate goodness and some crunch.

  • Perfect Camp Oatmeal

    I love food. Like really really love it. So when I travel, it is important that I think ahead about it. The last thing I want is to be "grocery shopping" at the only gas station for miles around.

    For the mornings, I really like oatmeal. I never get tired of it, and it’s light and quick to cook.

    Here is my recipe for the perfect camp oats:

    Quick oats- about 1 cup per person per day

    Add about a tsp of Maca powder per serving, a table spoon each of hemp seeds and chia seeds per serving, about 1/8 of a cup of pecans per serving and 1/8 of a cup of dried mulberries.

    Boil an equal amount of water to oats you want to cook, pour the boiling water over the dried oats and let sit covered for a minute or two depending on how hungry you are!

    Hemp seeds are considered one of natures perfect foods and pack a ton of protein and essential fatty acids to help reduce inflammation — super important when you are working that body hard!

    Chia seeds have a great mix of protein, carbs, fat and fiber. Plus they look like frogs legs when you soak them! A nutritional powerhouse that’s a welcome addition to almost anything I eat.

    Maca is used for increasing energy and stamina but is not well studied and you should be a bit careful with consuming large amounts. I like its caramel flavor.

    Mulberries contain IRON, yeah that’s right, iron in a berry. That’s pretty amazing right? So along with the vitamins and phyto nutrients it contains, that puts it right up there on my list of power house foods. I dehydrate them while they are in season but you can also buy them dried online.

  • 4c071025c78965da-image_5.jpeg

    I love putting up food.  I spend long hot hours canning jams and pickles, I can ferment with the best of them but lately I have been putting in a lot of quality time with my dehydrator. Dehydrated food is a powerful ingredient in a travel food pantry. After long days and many miles food is usually the only thing on your mind, and its important. We can't expect to our bodies to love us if we don't fuel them right.

    Dehydrated food is not only awesome because it packs small and light, it also can add a gourmet touch to an otherwise repetitious bowl of couscous or oatmeal, adding tons of favor and nutrients.

    When done right dehydrating your own food can allow you to pack gourmet meals without raising the grocery bill. Harvesting tons of free local food in season and then storing it throughout the coming year can mean major savings.

    Right now in my pantry I have the last of the previous summers chanterelle mushrooms, hot peppers and tomatoes, my mouth starts to water thinking about a quick pilaf studded with those goodies gathered in seasons past. 

    A bowl of oatmeal packed with persimmons, mulberries and star fruit, sounds killer but it also full of fiber, potassium, magnesium, protein, iron, vitamin c, b- vitamins and more. 

    I can not praise my dehyrdator enough for is contribution to lowering my food cost and allowing me to indulge in my favorite foods out of season and on the road.

    I recommend a dehyrator with a horizontal fan and a temperature setting. I have an Excalibur, and I highly recommend it. I would just dive right in, gather a bunch of fresh herbs from your garden or ask a neighbor if you can raid their loquat tree. Lay the herbs/fruit or veg in a single layer and rotate often. In the south the humidity can quickly spoil the finished product if it is not all the way dried. If you have the space and plan on storing for a long time, storing them in the refridgerator can help ward off mold. I store in tightly sealed mason jars and keep a vigilant eye out for spoilage.

  • Coconut Pistachio Rose and Bee Pollen Power Bites

    Coconut Pistachio Rose and Bee Pollen Power Bites

    Road Food is an on going series of recipes and posts dedicated to whole nutrious foods that lend themselves to being packed and taken on adventures. Say goodbye to chalky expensive pre-packaged bars and hello to healthy tasty nutrional powerhouse alternatives.

     Coconut Pistachio Rose and Bee Pollen Power Bites


    2 cups shredded coconut ( unsweetened)

    1 cup shelled pistachios

    1 tsp Rose water

    1/4 cup Brown rice syrup

    Bee Pollen, for dusting/to taste ( optional/leave out for vegan recipe)

    Finely chop half of the pistachios and mix with bee pollen, set aside for later

    Put the rest of the pistachios and all of the remaining ingredients into a food processor, blend until you get a smooth texture.

    Remove from processor and roll in the bee pollen/pistachio mixture