workshop stories
  • Touring line

    Touring line

    So at long last we have touring gear! I have been making these pieces for a few years as custom orders and prototypes, slowly tweaking and refining them.

    A few weeks ago I released them for pre-sale but we didn't have any new photos of them so last week Justin and I set out with local photographer Alicia Osborne to get some shots. We got to play around on the St. Marks trail right after a controlled burn.

    We are also giving away both a set of the rear raid panniers and front highlands panniers over on instagram, so be sure and go enter!

  • A Workshop Introduction

    A Workshop Introduction

    At Anhaica we believe in complete transparency of the creative process.We want you to know how your goods are made, to understand the place they come from. We believe that this encourages more thoughtful purchases and creates a connection with those that make your goods.

    The workshop is not usually a glamorous place, the floor is usually covered with bits of thread and trimmings, half eaten bags of snacks lounging on surfaces, one million partly finished check-lists and piles of halfway made goods. But we love where we work.

    We have a pretty small set up located on the bottom floor of Marina's parents house. A beautiful and inspiring setting surrounded with gardens and beauty. A small workshop forces you to be creative and as we grow we know we have a lot of space challenges ahead of us but we hope to be able to remain in this workshop for as long as possible.

    We look forward to being able to share more about our space and creative process. Keep a lookout for a workshop story about our waxing room, how we wax canvas and why we choose to work with locally sourced beeswax.